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Isla Grant - Home for Christmas CD Album

Lovesick and Blue

Isla's Latest Album

1. Hey Sweet Baby
2. A Little Bit More
3. Loneliness
4. Lovesick and Blue
5. Bitter Tears
6. Do You Even Care
7. I'll Get Over You
8. Well, Here I Go Again
9. Lying One More Time
10.Love Just Turned Around


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Isla Grant - Breathless (New Album)

Breathless and Isla Sings Hank Double Album


Track Listing:
1. Sallys All Alone
2. If You Loved me (like I loved you)
3. Mr Blues
4. Sorry
5. Breathless
6. I Ain't Over The Hill
7. I'm Going Home
8. Happy Anniversary
9. Am I Going Crazy?
10. I Had A Dream Last Night
11. Gentle Jesus
12. If These Green Hills Could Talk

Isla Sings Hank

Track Listing:
1. You Win Again
2. Move It On Over
3. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
4. Why Should We Try Anymore
5. Cold Cold Heart
6. Hey Good Lookin
7. Take These Chains
8. Kaw-Liga
9. Why Dont You Love Me
10. When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
11. Settin The Woods On Fire
12. Baby We're Really In Love
13. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
14. Lovesick Blues


Price: £20 inc. postage & packing

Al Grant & Glen Flynn - Heartaches & Teardrops

Heartaches and Teardrops

Al Grant and Glen Flynn

Track Listing:
1. Maria
2. Molly Darlin
3. Forgiving You Was Easy
4. Mansion Over The Hilltop
5. Let It Be Me
6. Ain't Love Alot Like That
7. She Found The Key
8. Pop A Top
9. Farside Banks of Jordan
10. Man In Black
11. Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
12. How's the World Treating You


Price: £12 each inc. postage & packing

Isla Grant's Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

40 of Isla's Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

CD1 Track Listing:
1. A Dream Come True
2. Mother
3. Listen To The Children
4. Amazing Grace
5. Cottage In The Country
6. Only Yesterday
7. Will You Walk With Me
8. A Single Yellow Rose
9. You're The Best Friend
10.Parcel Of Dreams
11.Childhood Memories
12.It's Not Easy
13.The Beauty Of My Home
14. Love's Blessing
15. Life's Storybook Cover
16.My World Revolves Around You
17. Lough Ree
18.How Lucky I Must Be
20.We'll Meet Again My Friend

CD2 Track Listing:
1. Mother's Chair
2. Partners In Rhyme
3. If Only
4. Don't Give Up On Me
5. Rachel Anna
6. The Old Accordion Man
7. That's When I Saw The Light
8. Lovely Lough Conn
9. Flying High
10.Sweet Baby Mine
11.Love Me Tonight
12.My Scotland
13.Every Moment Of Every Hour
14.When The Day Is Done
15.Fiddle On The Wall
16.Simply Being You
18.Living In My Mind
19.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
20.Silent Night


Price: £20 each inc. postage & packing

Isla Grant - Home for Christmas CD Album

Home for Christmas

14 of Isla's Favourite Christmas Songs

1. Slient Night
2. An Old Christmas Card
3. Snowflakes
4. White Christmas
5. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
6. Amazing Grace
7. Silver Bells
8. Winter Wonderland
9. Star Of Bethlehem
10.Oh Holy Night
11.Going Home To Ireland For Christmas
12.The Gift
13.Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer
14.The Day That Christ Was Born


Price: £14 each inc. postage & packing